PJ has been investigating the paranormal for more than 12 years. His first experience with the paranormal was about 13 years ago at the Farnsworth House in Gettysburg. The Farnsworth story teller was telling a story about a civil war soldier and while he was talking PJ saw a full body apparition of a soldier in the back corner of the room ... "it was an amazing experience". Shortly after this experience he formed a paranormal investigation group called the Loudoun County Paranormal Group (LCPG) to find more answers about the paranormal.

PJ Kilgore

Founder and Investigator

Patrick is a retired Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) from the United States Air Force. While in the Air Force, he worked as a Police Officer and in Intelligence Operations. After the Air Force, Patrick worked several years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) where he served with the FBI Buffalo Field Office and in Washington D.C. with FBI Headquarters Security Division and FBI Headquarters Counter Terrorism Division. Patrick first became intrested in the paranormal after having lived in a haunted house for several years as a young teenager in Wisconsin. Patrick brings more than 30 years of experience compiling information and collecting evidence to every investigation. He specializes in interviewing witnesses to try to piece together the story of how the paranormal experience that they are investigating occurred. It is important to understand what we know and what we don’t know about, cannot prove, or reasonably explain for each paranormal invistigation. As he states often," the evidence speaks for itself".

Patrick Kilgore

Co-Founder and Lead Investigator

Amy Kilgore

Investigator and Team Skeptic

Luke Kilgore

Equipment Manager / Investigator