Ghost Travelers was started in 2009. We promise to bring to our clients professionalism and confidentiality to each case we investigate. We understand it is hard to reach out for answers concerning the paranormal and we will always respect you and your privacy. We will listen to your claims and concerns and then after careful consideration, we may conduct an investigation. For most investigations, we set up our equipment and try to recreate and/or debunk your claims. We bring top of the line equipment to collect any paranormal activity in your home or business. After we conclude our investigation, we will then set up a time to share our findings and come to a conclusion. We will help you to understand the nature of the problem and supply you with our findings. Ghost Travelers will not share or publish anything without your permission. We do this FREE of charge, and our phone and email are always available to you, should you continue to need help. If you contact us to assist you with your paranormal concerns or not, we hope you find our webpage helpful in answering your questions concerning hauntings.


Preview of the Palmer House Investigation