A haunting is a series of unexplained events associated with the supernatural. Here we will list several popular believed types of hauntings. Ghost Travelers does not endorse all of these, but our goal is to educate you of the popular beliefs in the paramormal community.

Residual Haunting

Residual haunting are the most common type of haunting. It is believed that when a traumatic or emotionally charged event occurs in the lives of the living, it can be imprinted on the environment. Certain geological features like the presence of water, limestone and other stone features seem to hold images of past events. The residual spirit is seen performing the same task, walking the same path. They repeat the same pattern whether you are there or not. You cannot interact with a residual spirit becuse they are not aware of you. Simply, it is a playback of a past event.

Intelligent Haunting

Intelligent haunting is sometimes referred to as a "classic or traditional haunting". The paranormal entity has a consciousness and interacts in some way with you or its surrounding. No one knows for sure why or how this happens. But one theory is it is a spirit of a person who has unfinished business to complete or are not aware they have passed. Whatever the reason behind this phenomenon, throughout history, people all over the world have been claiming interactions with “ghosts”.

Inhuman Spirits

Inhuman spirits are not the spirit of someone who has passed away. These spirits were never human. A horrific stench may accompany a haunting by an inhuman spirit and angry growls emanating from the walls or appearing to come from all directions may be heard at all hours of the day or night. These spirits reportedly have energy that can be felt by people and are able to move objects across the room.

Poltergeists Haunting

Poltergeist is a German word meaning noisy ghost and there are many theories concerning this type of haunting. One popular theory is poltergeists are not spirits, but instead some form of energy (psychokinesis) that a living person is unknowingly controlling. The theory is that a person, usually an adolescent female, subconsciously causes objects to move, creates loud bangs and crashes with no known cause and other physical disturbances due to repressed rage or emotional upheaval. This polular theory has never been proven scientifically. A poltergeist haunting could start subtly and somewhat calm, the activity will become more intense, manifesting itself through voices and even the appearance of full apparitions. Furniture may slide across the room and beds may shake. But, it could begin with a sudden onset and disappear just as suddenly. Sometimes the effects of a poltergeist are more playful than harmful, but sometimes the activity has been known to be downright nasty.

Shadow People

Shadow people are shadowy figures that resemble a human. These beings often appear in corners or in dark hallways, but may be seen peering in doors or standing by the bed. Some reported characteristics of a shadow person is a fedora or top hat and what appears to be a dark cape. Shadow people have been reported across cultures by those who have no knowledge of prior descriptions, yet the descriptions remain largely the same. No one knows for sure what shadow people are but some believe they may be either alien or creatures from another dimension. Although shadow people appear to be harmless, extreme fear and a feeling of overwhelming dread often accompany a sighting.

Demonic Haunting

Demonic hauntings are the rarest, but the most frighting. Demonic hauntings can start in a subtle way like scratching sounds coming from inside the walls, thumping sounds, and knocking. These behaviors typically share the same characteristics of a poltergeist haunting, but will eventually become more extreme. As the seriousness progresses, items could fall off the walls, beds can shake violently, even hearing growling sounds. These demonic spirits should be avoided. It is believed they do not have a specific shape or appearance, but thought of as being anything from a human like figure to an animal-human combination, all the way to animals with human like characteristics.

Cleansing Your Home

The sage ceremony lifts the veil between the everyday & sacred. As you say your incantations, you are shifting energy at will. Once you have smudged your body, begin to move through your space. Wave the smoke into all corners, across doorways. To continue the ritual keep repeating the incantation in your mind as you diffuse the smoke.